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How can we define KONTAKT Interpreting Services?

The Hungarian Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing has been the first to introduce a video-based sign language interpreting and text-based operator service in Hungary. This platform is considered to be very innovative across Europe too and allows every deaf, deafblind, hard-of-hearing and hearing person unhindered access to communication services everywhere in the country.

What is the purpose of the KONTAKT Interpreting Services?

In the framework of the New Széchenyi Plan, the project entitled KONTAKT Interpreting Services was launched in March 2014. This video-based interpreting system enables the deaf and hard-of-hearing persons to settle official and administrative affairs on their own, without the physical presence of a sign language interpreter, providing unhindered access for hearing-impaired persons to communicate in a smooth manner whether they need this assistance related to their work, a health care issue or any kind of public services.

Who will be able to use it?

  • deaf persons
  • hard-of-hearing persons
  • deafblind persons

How does the program of the KONTAKT Interpreting Services work?

Via Internet connection and traditional telephone networks this video-based interpreting system provides full, unhindered and direct access to communication services for every KONTAKT client. The unique character of the KONTAKT Interpreting Services lies in the fact that there is no need for the personal presence of an interpreter since the deaf and hard-of-hearing clients may ask for the live assistance of a sign language interpreter via video or text messaging, and what is more, clients can also have nearly unlimited access to this innovative, online sign language support system.

What types of KONTAKT services are available?

KONTAKT provides many, different types of supplementary services allowing its clients to establish an easy and direct contact with each other by sending voice, video and text messages.

With the assistance of a sign language interpreter, KONTAKT clients can get access to the services stated below:

  • Live video and written interpretation
  • Between KONTAKT clients
  • Between a KONTAKT client and a hearing person while they are at the same place
  • Between a KONTAKT client and a hearing person while the latter one is communicating over the phone
  • Voicemail services
  • Sending video messages in sign language to KONTAKT clients
  • Sending text messages to KONTAKT clients
  • Sending voice messages to the voicemail of the hearing person
  • Direct, undisturbed and easily flowing communication between KONTAKT clients
  • real-time services – live video calls and two-way text messages
  • voicemail services – video and text-based messages

KONTAKT services are available in the following intervals:

On weekdays from 8:00 to 20:00

Emergency calls: every day from 0:00 to 24:00

Can KONTAKT clients be reached via landline telephones too?

Yes, of course! Every KONTAKT client has an own, unique telephone number that can be dialled from any traditional telephone network too.

How do I become a KONTAKT user?

All you have to do is:

  • register on the following website: skontakt.hu
  • after this first step, the next one is the conclusion of the contract that you can do whether
    • in person at the KONTAKT Costumer Service Office (H-1068 Budapest, Benczúr u 21.)
    • or by post
  • the third step is the provision of the necessary client devices (as a future client you shall have tools such as an own computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet)
  • and finally, you will also need a stable Internet connection

How much does this service cost?

Currently, for private persons, KONTAKT services are free of charge.

What can I do if I do not have an own client device?

We provide tablets that our clients can borrow under very favourable conditions (this is available only for the members of the Hungarian Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing).

We have the honour to draw the attention of our business partners to KONTAKT Interpreting Services.

Between 2013 and 2015, KONTAKT Interpreting Services has come to life in less than 32 months. During the development of this platform there was also a 20-month long open test period. Beyond the co-operation of approximately 1,300 hearing-impaired persons, to improve the quality of the KONTAKT system, several healthcare institutions, national single-windows and offices of government-issued documents got also involved. For the time being, according to statistics compiled by our organisation, there are approximately 4,500 calls / 300 hours / each month.

In case if your company has hearing-impaired clients, customers or employees, take advantage of the KONTAKT Interpreting Services and allow unhindered access to communication. Let us build bridges to improve the quality of your business and get a closer connection with deaf and hard-of-hearing persons. Join our clients today!

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Further information and registration:

W: www.skontakt.hu

M: info@skontakt.hu

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